Hello Tyler,

I just wanted to thank you for your help in finding the perfect home for Emily& I. We are able to remodel the kitchen with the tax refund and it looks good. We put in granite counter tops, new sink, new oven, new fridge, framed the microwave, and painted.

Hopefully business is still going good. I have tried to refer two home buyers over to you, but both had agents already. Once again thank you for your help and I will continue to try to send people your way.

– Eric

P.S. I will send you pictures when I get Emily’s camera fixed.


Tyler, thanks for calling with the good news about the buyer’s loan.  We are on the road to Beaufort (our new home) by way of north Florida.

If anyone wants to close on 11/12 or 13 ( a little early), we can and would like to do that.  Otherwise, we will be hanging out with our son in Cincinnati, will be in St. Louis to close on 11/14, and will continue traveling all of November until we get to San Francisco for Thanksgiving with our older son.

I want to be sure to tell you how amazed and happy we were to hear of this sale.  You know, when we said that it would be great if you sold the place while we were on vacation, it was with tongue in cheek.  When it happened, it made us feel really great.  I thought we would find a time to have a toast, but have not, at least not so far!

We packed up and moved earlier this week.  The condo is clean and ready for inspection.

We both want to thank you and Jonathan for handling everything and especially for responding so quickly to all of our questions and concerns.  You guys have been great to work with and we appreciate it.

We will be in touch,
Barb and Mike