Review 7-13-13

Tyler was an absolutely phenomenal agent. Very knowledgeable about local properties and was very quick to suggest high quality listings within our price range. Excellent negotiator as well; you will definitely appreciate having him on your side at the negotiation table! I cannot recommend Tyler highly enough.

Review 7-11-13

I’ve purchased with Tyler twice. WOW EXCELLENT! He’s the #1 realtor in the city! Any concerns and questions were addressed right away, and we got the pricing we wanted. I don’t have a single complaint.

I think Tyler is the most knowledgeable Realtor in the Tower Grove/South City area. He lives in the neighborhood, and knows every house on the block.

Review 7-1-13

My experience with Tyler was beyond disappointing. We bought a home with him and did not have any major problems. We offered list price for our home at Tyler’s urging, so no negotiating took place. After our offer was accepted, we decided to list our current home with Tyler. This was a huge mistake! He listed our home before letting us proofread the write-up, as we requested. There were spelling and factual errors in the write-up of our home, which took over 24 hours to correct. He also included pictures of the home that we specifically told him not to include. We consulted with Tyler about our asking price before listing, and we jointly came up with a number. Less than two weeks later, he told us that we were asking too much and should drop the price. This was before he even held an open house, and we had good traffic at that point! After showings, we had to hound Tyler to get us feedback. At times, he didn’t even seem to be aware that there was a showing. He made no effort to advertise our home. When we asked him to do this, we were ignored. He held an open house, but blamed a glitch in the system when the open house was not advertised on any of the realty websites. Tyler selectively answered questions via e-mail. When the house eventually sold, he was not helpful with negotiating the price, notifying us of our obligations, or keeping us informed of the procedure. Selling our house with Tyler was an awful experience!
Response from Tyler on 07/25/2013
This review was a surprise to me. A couple of points to consider: They purchased a home from me and didn’t have any major problems. Market is tight and the home they purchased was beautifully renovated with others folks looking at it as well. Then they listed their current home with me after the fact? We did have a glitch on one of our systems that was out of our control but was corrected within 24 hours. They had good traffic with no offers which resulted in what I believe needed to be a price reduction. The home eventually sold after a lot of traffic at the price I believe it should have sold for. This precluded them from having two house payments. I believe I offered these clients sound advise and good service. I have sold over $300 Million in my 19 year career, and my experience speaks for itself. I’m very sorry these clients didn’t think so, maybe they’ll realize the value I brought in time.

Review 6-2-13

We loved to work with Tyler. He is considerate and a very good listener. It was very easy and quick to get feedback and/or information. Thank you Tyler.

Review 3-26-13

Tyler did a great job. He stayed on top of new listings and helped me navigate an unfamiliar process. He can also get tough when he needs to and knows the St. Louis area extremely well.


Review 2-14-13

Tyler Olsen has served us very well as our real estate agent. Our home was listed during a difficult market period in St. Louis City and we had a contract within 4 months. He marketed our home well and held open houses to attract prospective buyers. Not only was his advise spot-on throughout the entire process, but his expertise during negotiations and his local resources were invaluable! Tyler is a very professional, experienced, and knowledgeable real estate agent and I would highly recommend him.