Review 1-16-14 “Tyler & Roxanne”

The Tyler Olsen team was thorough and helpful from beginning to end. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent to sell our home.

-Roxanne Madrid & Tyler Roskos

Review 12-17-13

Highly likely to recommend

12/17/2013 – qumungis

Sold a home in 2013.
Tyler? A pleasure to work with! Jonathan? An executive assistant-extraordinaire! They coordinated the prepping of my home (found contractors), effectively communicated issues and updates, and listed my property on all the major outlets. Through their hard work, my home sold in approx 2-3 weeks from listing. My home: Townhome, Zestimate: $180k, Owned 7 yrs; approx last 4 years did not live in it–rented at least 2 of those years. Abbreviated cons: (because that is why you are reading this). 1. Prepping of home came in a little over budget than he estimated. The caveat here is that he is NOT a contractor and all was a pre-estimation. 2. I think Tyler is used to working with higher-end homes and mine was not. I got the feeling, when talking, that my home was not of high caliber and I was lucky to get an offer. Though, all of our dealings were electronic or telephonic, so a lot of communication can be lost without seeing a person. Although, it was disconcerting hearing that the home I bought and upgraded was reminiscent of a foreclosure home (before recent renovation). In his defense I hadn’t seen the house for 3 years and meanwhile I wasn’t paying for “professional” property management. All that said, he DID take on my home, and was attentive to my requests. 3. I would recommend to Tyler that he uses a different title company. This is completely out of his control, but they did not convey confidence or attention to detail, when communicating with me. They are the final piece to closing and this is not how you want to end the relationship. Pros include his timeliness with updates. He has excellent personal staff in Jonathan. He knows the area, and I would recommend that if you live anywhere near the Shaw area that you seek him out, first! He conveys that he has attention to detail. I do believe that he got me the best deal he could, considering the shrewd couple that we were negotiating with…and that is really what you want to feel when dealing with your Realtor. I imagine that all sales don’t go this smoothly, but if you want a higher percentage of a hitch-less real estate experience, I would recommend Tyler every time.

Review 12-5-13

Highly likely to recommend

12/05/2013 – lyndab2

Sold a home in 2005.
Meeting Tyler to look at a house he was showing back in 2004 was truly life changing. We ended up hiring him that day to be our realtor and we learned so much about the different neighborhoods and the city itself while we looked for houses. He gave us insight into the lifestyles and restaurants of the neighborhoods as well as some decorating tips which were perfect. Looking at houses with him wasn’t a burden at all but always fun. We had decided to go ahead and make an offer on one house the next day when he suggested that we go by this new “development” and when we saw it we knew it was perfect for us. With his guidance we ended up building a house which we love to this day and is really perfect for us. Even though he also knew we had a condo to sell he never pressured or even assumed that we would sell it through him which was very respectful. Of course, we did happily list it with him and he did a great job finding a good buyer for it. All of our dealings with Tyler have been positive and he is very efficient and informative especially about the endless paperwork (which can be overwhelming to many of us).

Over the years we have always been thrilled to see him around town. He does so much for the community and neighborhoods even turning his own home into a haunted house for the neighborhood Halloween party with lots of props and friends to make it literally come alive. When we took our stepkids through his house on the house tour we didn’t mention it was his house until after they announced it was their favorite on the tour. We both agreed.

In the past couple of years we have called him for advice about alot of different topics such as pros and cons of renting my mother’s house, possible rental property for us, refinancing, appraisals, neighborhood advice, etc. No matter how busy he is he always makes time and is a true joy to talk to. He also never looked down on us or made us feel like our amount of money was too little or we were out of our league. In a cutthroat industry like he is in many realtors just close a deal and are done but when you start working with him you really have a lifelong realtor and friend. In my opinion you would be hard-pressed to find a realtor that cares more for his clients than Tyler. As you may realize by now we are very thankful to have found him and have utmost respect for him. Call Tyler, you will be happy you did.

Review 11-21-13

Highly likely to recommend

11/21/2013 – mikfoy

Sold a Condo home in 2013 in Lafayette Square, Saint Louis, MO.
Tyler has extensive knowledge of various neighborhoods in the city. He and his staff provided excellent selling tools, including very professional photos, and effective written materials of the property for sale. Communication was timely between us as sellers, and Tyler or his staff. Jonathan serves as Tyler’s assistant and he is personable, timely, and has great organizational skills- keeping seller and buyer’s agent on track through all the steps required to sell a home, such as inspections, buyer walk through and punch list deadlines, closing schedules, etc.

Tyler and his team were a pleasure to work with, and they proved to be highly effective. We sold our property quickly and for a very strong dollar per square foot.

Review 9-9-13

Tyler always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and made a difficult long-distance transaction much, much easier. I don’t think we could have done it without his experience and guidance.

Review 8-27-13

Tyler was absolutely amazing. The best real estate agent one could ask for. Not only a great agent but now a good friend. I especially appreciated his taking calls and returning e-mail inquires promptly. And Jonathan, Tyler’s assistant, is really on top of things.