Animals Lovers: Come Visit St. Louis Zoo Local Events


If you are an animal lover, you know there is something magical about seeing animals in different types of settings. If you are an animal lover, you also know there is something magical watching a child’s eyes watching animals. We’d love to have you visit us in St. Louis, Missouri and know the magic of being with the animals.

The Saint Louis Zoo is where the magic happens. This isn’t your ordinary zoo with animals pacing in cages. This is a zoo where animals lovers linger at the exhibits talking with the animals and where children enjoy learning more about the animals.

Look at your calendar now and plan to join us at one or all of these events:

1. Summer Zoo weekends with expanded hours to see the animals at night. We all know that animals are more active in the evening hours, so come hang out with us and enjoy a conversation with the giraffes and sea lions.

2. Jungle Boogie Friday Night Concerts where you can enjoy music and the sounds of the animals as they sing along. You might even hear the lions, tigers, and bears as they let their voices be heard.

3. See a different side of the zoo with a safari tour. You will enjoy 30 minutes walking with a guide who can help you understand the animals more. You can choose to see the most venomous and tallest animals, the hippos and elephants who live on the river’s edge, or the eagles, kudu, and okapi who live in the African area.

4. Live Animals shows that include a variety of exotic and domestic animals. These aren’t circus animals performing tricks. They are showing you what they do naturally so you can learn more about them.

Are you an animal lover? Then what are you waiting for? Come join us in St. Louis and see the magic happening in the zoo. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.