Tower Grove: Best Regional Magazine Event Nationwide


Tower Grove contains Grove Park which is a National Historic Landmark that you must see. This park land was given to St. Louis in 1868 by Henry Shaw. Today, this land has been developed into a great place for families to visit and a neighborhood where every family wants to live. Within the park, you can enjoy the history, enjoy sports, and enjoy a wading pool. The park is open year round for your enjoyment.

Tower Grove is a mix of residential and commercial with the Grand Boulevard bsiness district on the east and the Morganford Road business district on the west. Both areas support families with a mixture of restaurants and grocery stores specializing in natural foods and locally grown foods.

Besides shopping, if you live in Tower Grove, you can enjoy many events, such as:

1. Tower Grove has once again been awarded honorable mention for the Best Regional Magazine Event Nationwide. Why? Because Tower Grove hosts Sauce Food Truck Fridays where food trucks gather to feed and entertain the neighborhood and all those who come to visit. As part of this gathering, St. Louis Earth Day and Blue Skies Recycling assist with the waste that is generated and give everyone an education and example of how to recycle and compost waste.

2. Children and families love coming to the Children’s Concert Series every summer and hearing different musical styles such as “The Bull and the Bee” and “Strings and More Strings.” Or, if you prefer more adult-type music, you can come to the Compton Heights Concert Band Musical Mondays with guest soloists from all over the United States.

Tower Grove, a diverse neighborhood that is family-oriented is the place to look for your next home. Just contact us today and we will help you find the perfect place.