Together … We are more is the phrase you will hear if you ask about Carondelet neighborhood in St. Louis. This phrase originates from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet who annually honor individuals and/or projects whose life and service exhibit qualities that serve people. This honor is called the Generosity of Joseph Honor and is indicative of the neighborhood of Carondelet.

You can see the sister’s influence as you visit Carondelet, especially South Carondelet which was recently named one of the 25 best St. Louis Neighborhoods to live in.

Together … We are more is evident in the services that are available for all residents.

  • Southside Legal Services state they are committed to zealous advocacy of citizens in their communities.
  • Carondelet Leadership Academy is a charter school that is tuition-free for children in the neighborhood.
  • At. Louis Altenheim-A-Life Care Community is an elegant home offering senior residents the respect and honor they deserve.
  • Carondelet Circle which focuses on programs and services for older adults, striving to provide opportunities that meet physical, psychological, spiritual, social, and creative needs.

The phrase Together … We are more is also demonstrated through the various restaurants that serve the residents of Carondelet.

  • Melt on Ivory is an upcycled Retro cafe that understands the need of those who need gluten free foods.
  • There is Baileys’ Range, Rooster, and Bridge Tap House who stay in the area of Carondelet to serve those residents.

Together … We are more — A neighborhood for you to consider as you are looking for a home. Become part of this neighborhood! Just contact us today and let us help.