Holly Hills: Welcome to Hollywood


Holly Hills was named to evoke the emotions and excitement of Hollywood in the 1920s. While Holly Hills is not a replica of Hollywood, it does boast of broad tree-lined boulevards with grand mansions and comfortable bungalows.

Holly Hills is known as a middle class neighborhood with 2nd and 3rd generation German, Italian, and Irish immigrants.

You are welcome to join the community garden that was started in 2007. This garden started as a weedy lot that was transformed by Holly Hill residents. There is a fee of $25 per raised bed that goes toward upkeep and improvements on the lot. Many residents enjoy meeting neighbors at the community garden while caring for their own plants.

Holly Hills has the third largest park in St. Louis. Carondelet Park includes Boathouse Lake with unique pergolas where you can sit and enjoy the lake. You could also enjoy Horseshoe Lake which is stocked by the Missouri Conservation. The YMCA has a facility in the park where you can enjoy the many family activities.

If you like summer concerts, the Carondelet Summer Concert Series features artists such as the Air Force Band and the Waterloo German Band.

After enjoying the park, you can enjoy a restaurant near Holly Hills such as:

  • Chichanga’s
  • Royal Kebab
  • Bevo Mill, featuring a windmill and an air of tradition, distinction, and elegance.
  • Iron Barley, a restaurant that can boast of serving award winning nationally recognized food and drink.
  • The Feasting Fox, a German restaurant featuring Sunday brunch and a beer garden patio.

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