Historic homes are great places to live. You can enjoy a house that is unique, and the history provides great conversation with friends and family. It’s a tough decision to sell, but sometimes we just have to sell our homes. Since you have enjoyed your home so much, you want it to be bought by a person who will treasure it as you have. How do you attract that person to your historic home?

1. Look at the colors in your home. You want classic colors and neutral colors. You want everyone who walks through your home to see their furniture and artwork fitting with the colors.

2. Look at the clutter. If you are a collector or anything, box it up. Unless you have items that are tied to the history of your home. If you do, those are items that should have attention. Leave a short note explaining how that item is part of the history and where you got it. If you got it at a local place, the potential buyer might like to know where to get historic items as well.

3. If any part of the architecture is original, or was redone to be original, leave a short explanation of that for the potential buyer. If someone is looking for a historic home, that will be of interest to them.

4. Tell the history. If you have any books that tell the history of the home, leave them in a strategic place with a note where the buyer can purchase the books. Or, if they are inexpensive books, let your realtor know that a serious buyer may have a copy of the books.