Before Showing Your Place, Make the Interiors Look Great



Whether your house was built last year or hails from the 1950s, potential buyers will make their decision to purchase it based largely on what’s inside. To make sure they get the best impression of your rooms, follow a few staging tricks to make the interiors look great.

First, de-clutter and de-personlize. Buyers can only imagine themselves living in your space if you’re not in it. Emptying as much of a room as possible will make it look more spacious, so leave only a few modern pieces of furniture and take everything else out. That includes pictures of all your children and pets, steampunk oil paintings, and your priceless display of Barbie-doll prom dresses.

Then, fix any visible blemishes and make any necessary repairs. You may think that crack in the wall is cosmetic but buyers will wonder if your foundation is shifting. Buyers always overestimate the price of a repair so the leaky faucet, which would take you a few minutes to remedy with a new $2 valve, will become a $200 repair in their eyes. They’ll reduce their offering price for every flaw that they find.

Finally, clean every nook and cranny, including that hard-to-reach upper shelf and behind the refrigerator. Buyers like to look in such areas just to see how good of a housekeeper you are. If they think that you don’t maintain what’s visible, they’ll conclude that the unreachable parts of the home may have similar issues. If a room is still looking dark and dingy after your thorough sanitation, perhaps it’s the dark and dingy paint. Slapping on a neutral coat on the walls is the quickest and least expensive way to brighten a room.

You want to make these changes before showing your place at the first open house. If you want more tips on making your home look spectacular or want to put it up for sale, please contact us