Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward helping your home sell. Choosing the right colors of paint is especially important, as the wrong color palette can sometimes turn buyers off. Here are some tips for choosing shades you may want to consider before placing your home on the market.

It’s generally recommended that you go with neutral colors, since they tend to go well with anything. Even so, white can sometimes be dull and boring, and too much of it inside a home may actually turn people off. Rather than using only one neutral color throughout, consider painting each room a different neutral tone instead. You could paint your foyer a cream color, living room a light beige and bedrooms in antique white to help break things up a bit.

Perhaps you have special architectural features that would best be displayed with a darker color. If so, you may want to mix warm and cool colors together to help these features stand out. Cool colors are those with blue, green or violent tint, and make walls appear to recede. Warm colors have orange, red or yellow undertones, and tend to make certain features stand out more. As a result, they should be placed on features you would like to highlight, and then surrounding walls could be painted a cool color to help draw attention away from them.

When using accent colors, keep color saturation in mind. Color saturation is the amount of color that is added to paint, with dark hues having more color saturation than lighter ones. As a result, you can feel free to use several different accent colors as long as you maintain the same level of saturation in all of them.

Finally, red, orange and yellow are generally thought of as “food colors”, and could be used in a kitchen to help people feel hungry. This in turn will have them unconsciously thinking of your house as their home, which means you might just wind up with an offer.

By following these easy tips, you can highlight your home’s best features without turning off potential buyers. To list a home in the St. Louis area, contact us.