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Buyers: More objectivity now between lenders and appraisers. (02/27/14)

Understanding the appraisal process, and how property value is determined, can not only be confusing, but also may open the way towards challenging “short appraisals.” According to an article in The Seattle Times, “Appraisal lowdown,” it’s best that buyers start with a clear understanding of that all-important…

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Choosing Paint Colors to Attract Potential Buyers (02/13/14)

Everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward helping your home sell. Choosing the right colors of paint is especially important, as the wrong color palette can sometimes turn buyers off. Here are some tips for…

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History of Property at 3117 Russell Blvd

The home located at 3117 Russell Blvd in Compton Heights was originally designed and built be Architect John Herthel who was an associate of George I. Barnett and built by Herman Heussler in 1897. Heussler was a Civil War Veteran…

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